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Colorado Car Insurance and Car Crashes

Pueblo Automobile Accident Injury Attorney

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 548 people died in Colorado car crashes in 2008 and thousands more were injured.  Car crash victims who have suffered serious personal injuries often find the financial aftermath of a car accident to be difficult.  In addition to dealing with the pain from their injuries, they are also left dealing with insurance companies who, unfortunately, do not have their best interests in mind.  Colorado is a tort liability state, which means that the driver who is at fault for a car crash (and his or her insurance company) is financially responsible for damages to other persons or property.  If you have been seriously hurt in a Colorado car crash caused by another driver, a qualified Colorado car accident attorney can help you receive fair compensation from the driver’s insurance company. 

There are two types of car insurance required by law in Colorado:

  • Property damage liability coverage – This type of insurance provides coverage if you damage someone else’s vehicle or other property in a car accident. 
  • Bodily injury liability coverage – Provides coverage for you if you are at fault for an auto accident in which someone else is injured or killed.  Colorado only requires automobile owners have a minimum of $25k per person & $50k per accident for bodily harm.  This is much less than what financial experts recommend ($100k per person & $300k per accident). 

Bodily injury claims may be filed to cover economic damages such as medical bills and loss wages.  They can also be filed to cover non-economic damages including pain and suffering.  You can also select collision and/or comprehensive coverage on your insurance policy, but neither of these types is required by the state of Colorado.  Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle if you run into another vehicle, a building, or other object.  Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for damages to your vehicle that are unrelated to car accidents, including theft, hail, or falling objects. 

Car insurance companies are primarily concerned with protecting their financial responsibility in a car accident claim.  In addition, proving fault for a car accident can be tricky.  If you are the victim of a Colorado car accident injury, you will need a Colorado car crash attorney who can represent your best interests.  An experienced Colorado car crash attorney, who knows how to handle large insurance companies, can  help you receive compensation for your medical expenses, loss of wages, and other expenses incurred because of your car crash.

If you or someone you love is involved in an automobile accident, it is important to contact a Pueblo car accident injury attorney immediately to review your case and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Call Pueblo Personal Injury Attorney Mickey M. Smith today for a free consultation. (719) 544-0062.


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